Fugly Racing NSS   +   Passin'Gas BB/FC

 Passin'Gas is our latest money depletion device. Ex Gary Litton Tennessee Shaker roller was located by Rex Stevens and Mike Kurz about 4 years ago. It was repowered with a KB Mopar 448" Wedge , originally with a 6/71 , now 10/71 Littlefield blower and a Reid 2 speed. Crew consists of Gary Rose (crew chief), Mark Artis (car Chief), Matt Newport and Gentry Ashworth. Currently campaigned mainly in Funnycar Chaos series, we will be broadening out as time allows. Running on 100% Methanol for now. Schedule is a little variable right now but hopefully will be running more in coming years.

The car when it was Gary's


Before Mark and Gary Painted it and now